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Everything you need to know about our live events

We have special ministry pricing available and opportunities to sponsor live events put on at nursing homes, shelters, schools, and prisons! Donations are used to cover materials, supplies, travel cost and studio time.​

We believe that art is powerful and want to use it to impact everyone we encounter in a positive way. Music and Art have been shown to have a positive effect on not only kids but all who experience live Art. Art reduces negative emotions and improves positive ones for young and old alike. Donations allow us to put on Creative Presentations to encourage   and motivate many at Nursing Homes, Prisons and Elementary Schools. Seeing Creativity Live and in Motion can create a Spark in the Mind of not only a Child but in Adults and the Elderly. Art can spark Happiness & Joy in Everyone Including those with learning and developmental disabilities, so find out how you can sponsor an impactful event today and support this growing ministry!

To make a one-time donation, simply use Cash app $livespeedpainter–Venmo@livespeedpainter 

Thank you so much for your support and God bless you.

To Book a Live Event-

Bookings for live events require a 50% deposit to save the date. Please call us to get a quote for your event or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Keep in mind that we can provide many event options depending on your event type.

Live Performance Options: 

 option 1—–Quick  5-10  minute  live  art  performances  to  music

 option 2—–10- 20  minute  live  performance  to  music 

 Option 3—– Your custom created painting can be painted at a slow pace that will take up the duration of your event.

For outdoor events you can request the performance be done on the top platform of the van for a better viewing experience for the audience.

Up to  5 different  paintings  can  be  performed at any  event.

(50% deposit require to save the date for all events)

​ We also have Setup Options for each live event:  we can provide the following for an additional fee-

Background Painted Curtains, Lights, Fog Machine 

Fundraising Events- Performance paintings auctioned immediately afterwards have raised thousands of dollars for many charities – We can negotiate a custom quote with an agreed % of raised funds going to support live Art Ministry. We serve nursing homes, prison, jail ministries, shelters & wherever God leads) 

Live Art Performances are perfect for any of the following and more, so reach out and schedule yours today!

​Opening for Acts or Closing for shows

Product Launch Events – Product Reveals
Television Guest Appearances- Music Festivals
C.E.O   Reveals  &  Christmas parties
Private Parties Entertainment
In Store Live Entertainment & Marketing Performances
Half Time  Sporting  Events  ​and any other creative marketing events.

Please call the studio to plan your Event or fill out the form below and we’ll be in contact with you!

Live Art Ministry Phone Number: 214-577-1214